Monday, November 21, 2011

Find what you love

The past month I had the chance to do what I'm going to school for- I got to TEACH!!! I was in a
second grade class up in Heber, UT. I absolutely LOVED it!!!!! Not only did I learn a TON about teaching, but I fell in love* with 52 second graders!!! (*there was varying degrees of love :) ) I worked in a dual-immersion program, so we switched between teaching in English and in Spanish, which was a whole different challenge, but really great! Today was our last day and it was so hard to leave!! I am going to miss those crazy kids and doing what I really love! It feels so good to know what I want to do with my life! I had a rough period where I wasn't sure about teaching, which took me to Peru so I'm grateful that it happened, but I couldn't be happier to be back in teaching and doing what I love with the, kids, that I love!!!!!!!!

I wanted to write down some funny things they've said so I don't forget them! Enjoy!

In a conversation talking about states, "I've been to Arizona!" "I've been to Idaho!" "I've been to Las Vegas!" Me-"ok, that's in Nevada!" Marianne solemnly looks at me and says "one time we had a dog and it got shot in the forehead and died." Me- "Oh my goodness! that's so sad!!" *serious / understanding head nod*

Me- "Ok, today I'm going to do an experiment, can anyone tell me what an experiment is?" Leilany-" OH ME! Its like when you have a fish and you catch it and its dead and you put the stuff on it and it comes back to life!" Me- "ummmmmmm..........not exactly what I was going for...."

Me- "El gatito es un callejero. Alguin puede decirme que es un callejero?" Cynthia- "Si! Es alguin que vive en los calles!" "Si, y como sabes esto?" "Porque mi mama siempre dice esto a mi papa!"
(Translation: The cat is "someone who lives in the streets", can anyone tell me what that is? Yes, someone who lives in the streets! How do you know that? Because my mom always says that to my dad!" )

"UH! That boy makes me so mad I just want to kill him!" Me and Daniel "Uh, that wouldn't be very nice! How about you kill him with kindness?" Zippy (TINY quiet little girl) "Yeah, take him DOWN!" ..... the next day.... "Miss Kate, I thought about what you said and I decided the next time he bugs me I won't kill him. I'll just walk away" "that sounds like a fabulous idea!"
One day we taught a virtual field trip and we thought it would be funny to have them walk around in the halls and come back for the field trip, but they were less than enthused when they found out we weren't actually leaving. The next day a little boy comes up to us "Do you remember that one time we went on the field trip but we didn't go anywhere?" "um, yesterday? Yeah I remember" :)

"Are we going to watch a long video? Like 12 minutes??"

Leilany "I might go to Mexico when I go home today." "Really? For how long??" "Like 20 days. I don't want to though. I hope we leave at the end of Christmas, no at the end of the school year. No! At the end of when I graduate!!" (she didn't leave, but a lot of the kids from our school just go to Mexico for weeks at a time!)

In the Library we got to listen to the Librarian's record player and she played a song about Christopher Columbus. "Who sailed across the sea in a boat called the Santa Maria?" the whole class- " CAPTAIN HOOK!!!" Apparently they haven't covered that period in history quite yet....

There was this book in their library about 10 snails that got picked off until they were two left and they had a picture of them like making out and then there were 10 more snails! Needless to say, we did NOT use that book to teach. That is a can of worms we did not want to open....

"AY! No puedo hablar!" Maestra Zelaya....We heard that A LOT :)

"I have 6 kids in my family" "My mom has 10 kids in her family!" "I have 8 people in my family counting my mom and my dad!" Weston- "I have 10 people in my family.......but I'm counting my fish and my dog." Poor kid trying to fit in in Utah ;)

From our friend's class whose teacher is pregnant: The teacher came in and said it kind of looks like I swallowed a basketball, huh? "my grandpa sometimes looks like he swallowed a basketball!" :)
A kid lost her tooth and the whole class was looking for it and the teacher said last year they lost a tooth too and a little boy very seriously said "Like the evil tooth stealer from South England??!"

"what's that ring Mr. Daniel?" "its my wedding ring" "Miss Kate, is that your wedding ring?" "No, its on the wrong hand, I'm not married" *gasp!!* .....I'm not that old! Come on!!

"Mr. Daniel, Miss Kate, are you guys married?" "nooooooooo" next day "Mr. Daniel, Miss Kate, are you brother and sister?" "nooooo" do we have to be related to teach together? hahahaha

After Maestra Zelaya asked a question in Spanish, one of the boys responded in Spanish and everyone laughed, and stella tapped me on the shoulder and asked what he said, so I told her in Spanish, and she just looked at me with this blank stare and said "I don't speak Spanish."

Emmanuel "Mr. Daniel, you look good!" Me- "hey! what about me??" "You look ok." hahahahaha....someone's got a little man crush ;)

They threw us a surprise party our last day but our second graders are terrible at keeping secrets. Kensington- "are you coming to our party monday??" Colter- "Kensington!!" Kensington- "oops. it was supposed to be a secret" :)

Gracy- "open the gate, pick some flowers, how many did you pick?" "7" "you will miss us for 7 billion years!" -- You have no idea Gracy :)

These are all I can remember right now, but I might have to go back and add some later.

I feel so lucky to get to work with these cute and funny kiddos!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I've changed my ways

So I've never been one of those people that listened to Christmas music in September or October.

I've seen the error of my ways folks. We started listening to Christmas music in my apartment the first week of October and I have loved every minute of it!! Even though it doesn't feel quite the same as listening to it in December, it just fills me with warm fuzzies!! I just love the Christmas season so much so its fun to get a taste for it in October!

So if you've always said you would never listen to Christmas music so early, you might want to reconsider your ultimatum.

Just sayin.

Oh yeah, I love life.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011


In order to accurately describe this period in my life, I really need a post dedicated to how incredibly blessed I feel. Because it's oh so true!

My semester thus far has been so utterly fabulous. I LOVE my classes. Its so fun to get into classes that apply to my profession, and feel good about being in my profession! This has just been such a testament to me of God's timing. I'm a believer you might say. Its so fun to me to be taught about teaching! Not to mention when that teaching includes watching Matilda, eating candy, drawing pictures, and acting on a regular basis. Its all so interesting and all feels very applicable, which is kind of intimidating, because there's no way I'm going to remember it all, but I want to! I cannot WAIT to get into the classrooms!! That's my absolute favoritest part!

My roommates are also quite fabulous, as usual. I am so grateful that I have been blessed every year with roommates who are so great, and balance me out with what I need, and just support me in everything. Its also very fun that 3 of the 4 girls are from St. Louis. (Kaitlin, Clarissa, and Kate) You know that's a winning team! And then you through in our Wyoming girl, (Kelsey) and we're pretty much unstoppable, not to mention a mouthful!

our first and only entire roommate picture thus far, so it'll have to do :)

I haven't super connected with my ward yet, but that's ok. I have some great friends from years past that have kept me busy, including my beloved past roommate Chelsea Campbell and Alice Rumney, my old peeps from the Spanish house, and some random get togethers with roommates from Freshman year.
And to be honest, I don't mind staying home all the time. Especially since this is the view from our living room:
breath taking.
I was just brimming with gratitude this evening and felt like writing it down. Never a bad thing to be grateful, now is it? I dare say not. :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Is this awesome or what??

We read this scripture in Relief Society and I loved it!!! (D&C 138)

30 But behold, from among the RIGHTEOUS, he aorganized his FORCES and appointed bmessengers, cclothed with POWER and AUTHORITY, and dcommissioned them to go forth and carry the LIGHT of the gospel to them that were in DARKNESS , even to fall the spirits of men."

Doesn't that just sound like the climax to a really epic movie, where it seems like all is lost and then this elite force comes and saves the day and brings light into all the darkness and everyone ends up better off????

Sound familiar?

Oh yeah. Its life. Go winning team!!!
I love the gospel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Have you forgotten?

I remember 9/11/01.

I remember thinking I should remember the day because it would probably be a big deal later. I was in sixth grade and went to school like any other day. I sat in Mrs. Siesner's first period science class and was reading "Work and the Glory" and was pretty zoned to what was going on in class, I think because I had finished early. I was brought back to reality by a buzz of conversation about some tower falling down. I had never heard of the World Trade Centers but I didn't want to say so because everyone else seemed to know what they were, but I feigned concern because planes flying into buildings is never a good thing. I don't think any of my teachers were allowed to turn on the TV's and the principal told us to continue our day like a regular day. When I got home from school, my mom had a TV in our living room watching the footage of the planes crashing into the towers and the collapse of each playing over and over again. That's when I realized something major was happening; my mother was watching TV. In the living room. Something was not right. So different family members trickled home and we sat together and watched what was happening. I was only 12 and didn't really understand but I could feel the concern from my parents and teachers at school. That night when I went to bed, I asked my Mom if she thought they would try to bomb the arch next. She reassured me that we would be fine, but that was my little twelve year old heart worry!

Over the next couple days and years I realized what a monumental event it truly was in my lifetime! I thought how strange it would be that one day this would be just an event in a textbook, but it was very real to me and to so many people who lost loved ones in that tragic day! In many ways, that brought history alive for me. Reading about events from history wasn't just some words on a page anymore; real people had gone through those times of sadness just as I had done and experienced the tragedy and sadness that many events from our past carried.

And yet, ten years later, we look back to that day and remember for a moment what happened. But to what point do we remember? Do we go back to our normal lives and forget the sacrifices that happened that day? Or do we remember each day to be grateful for our loved ones and tell them how much we love them? Do we express our gratitude for our armed forces for their sacrifices in keeping our country safe? Do we live in tolerance of others so such destructive hate has no power to inflict such devastation again? Do we learn from our past so we don't repeat it?

I pray that the terrible events that occurred that day did not happen in vain. As the country begins to degrade morally, become more corrupt with hate, greed, and envy, and become more divided even among ourselves, I pray we do remember. Remember why those people died. Remember that hate caused such sadness. Remember the liberty that founded the ideals of our society and the God that made it happen. Remember those that continue to fight for our freedom. It is my hope that we can rise above ourselves and take part in something greater, something worth fighting for; rise up and protect our freedom.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

We're gonna do it!

Tonight my roommates Clarissa and Kaitlin and I decided to run a half marathon on October 29th. I've never run more than 5 miles, but running a half has always been on my bucket list and the other girls want to do it too, so here we go! Wish us luck!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

"I just love it so much!"

So Elizabeth and I watched Anne of Green Gables tonight.

I LOVE Anne of Green Gables, because I was raised on it and have many fond memories watching it with my fam-bam. Tonight though as we watched, we got REALLY involved. We commented every five seconds "I LOVE Mathew!!" "I LOVE Marilla!" "awww! I just LOVE Matthew!!!" repeat. Then Matthew died. Elizabeth and I bawled. Like seriously. And neither of us are the kind of people that cry on a drop of a hat. Then we started laughing at how hard we were crying, which sent us into hysterics. I think Elizabeth almost threw up. Matthew was just so cute and tender and we just love him so much! It was hard to see him go!

So now my eyes are hurting from crying. And that's the worst time to go to bed. And everyone knows you blog when you don't want to do something else. So here I am :)

And now I'm feeling extra sentimental. Maybe this isn't a good time to blog. But I just love people so much! I get that from my mom. She gets attached to people really easily. And I can't help it! I just meet all the coolest people where ever I go and then I miss them when I go somewhere else!

I obviously miss my sisters who weren't here to join in our little cry fest, but I'm sure they would have participated. They're cool like that. :)

I also miss my dear darlingest roommates. I have seriously had phenomenal luck with roommates! And I can't wait to see these girls in a few weeks- Chelsea, Alice, Meghan, Lindsey, Lindsay, and Kaitlin!!!! Top notch, I do say. (I'm way excited to have some new ones in the fall too! Woot!)

A special shout out to my missionaries. I've got a collection. And I miss them all. If missions weren't so awesome, they would stink. I'm especially missing my girls serving their hearts away!!! Brittany and Emily- come back to me!!!

I've also been missing my Spanish house/ FLSRites a whole heap the last couple weeks! I think because I could have potentially been out there with them right now I just ache to play with them! Spring term was seriously a blast and a half! I'm so grateful for the friendships I made there!! I would list them all, but I would have to write all 22 of them plus people from the other houses because they were all amazing! And I MISS THEM!

I just recently stopped missing my parents. They left me. Yes, their youngest college bound daughter. They fled the country to abide in the Italian countryside. Which is actually oceanside. details. But I can't blame them. I LOVE Europe and my Dad had never been before, so I was excited for him to fall in love with it! But I missed them. But I don't anymore. Because they're back. I suppose I could practice missing them for when I leave in a couple weeks (like my Mom does whenever she goes somewhere) but I'll just enjoy them instead and miss all the other fabulous people in my life!

Sooo what this mess of words stew boils down to, is Elizabeth and I are sensitive souls. And I am so grateful for my rockin awesome friends. I wouldn't trade 'em for anything. Wait, yeah, no. Wouldn't trade 'em. :)

If you're reading this, chances are I'm missing you. Even if you don't fit into an above mentioned category. Probably more actually....because I don't want to insult you.... by labeling you. ?

And now I'm tired and don't want to put up pictures. Maybe later. peace and blessins.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

We are Family!

Look, I said I would make another post and I'm doing it! Look at that follow Where was I? Ah yes. ROAD TRIP!

This is the second road trip I've done with my little nieces and nephews. Two years ago I drove to Utah with Greg and Lisa and their 3 little kids. So only a 13 hour drive with 2 kids was nothing to the 24 hour drive with 3 ;) We split the drive up over 2 days so that helped too!

The first day was just a lot of driving, but the girls were both so good! I got to sit next to my Paisl-kins! :) She was SO tired at the end of the day she was being such a cheeser!!! I loved it!!
The second day of driving we stopped in my place of birth, my old Kentucky home, Louisville Kentucky. We went to Churchill Downs- where they have the Kentucky Derby!

It was a good time, of course! Let me tell you, I got some real photographic gems! But I won't put them on here to protect certain individuals potential embarrassment. Just use your imagination :)

Good fun was had by all. Except Clara. Who felt barfy. And Emily. But Emily got a new hat and Clara got a horse, so e'rybody left happy!

So fast forward a few more hours of driving, arriving home, seeing the last harry potter movie!!! ( i might need to talk more about that.....) a great church meeting, yadda yadda.....we took family pictures! Hooray! Every couple of months whether we need it or not I guess.....I gotta say, I've got a pretty cute family. They're worth documenting regularly :)

Here's proof that we are a family- we have pictures! :

The married familial units
My cute parents and the ones who started it all :)

Andrew and Elizabeth

All the single ladies, say wha??

Michael was MIA (Missionary In Action you might say...)
here is his honorary blank spot where a picture would be.....

classic grandkid shot

Paisley, Caroline, Clara, Rock, Julia, and William
I have THE cutest nieces and nephews. It's just a fact.

My beautiful sisters

And the grand finale- the group picture (s)

Man alive, I love my family! I'm so glad I get to be with them forever!!!
I'm looking forward to more (and bigger) family pictures!
Bring on the babies!!!! (and the spouses, we still have a few left) :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

I should blog....

Last post from mother's day eh? Negligent blogger much? Yes. I own up completely. I don't know why I keep coming back.....recording for posterity? That sounds like a justifiable reason. Though I don't know how keen they'll be on checking out my old, and probably out dated technological life documentation. Oh well. I'll make 'em like it. And in the mean time, I'll document it more. Maybe even on my blog :)

So since May, I took finals and left the Spanish House, which was very sad- I LOVED living there!! I want to go back if at all possible. I have fallen in love with Spanish! I wish I could still speak it everyday! I need to go back to South America....or even Southern America.....or just the Spanish branch. I need some espanol en mi vida!!! So anyways, loved the Spanish, the people we're first class and I was tempted to stay for summer. But not enough to actually want to take classes.

La Casa Espanola Ladies and Gentlemen.

So I flew myself on home to the beautiful St. Louis. I love coming home!! Even though you can't go back to a time, I love seeing the places I grew up and seeing old friends and my fabulous family! Such a wonderful life I lead!

So after being home for a week or two and celebrating my Asian birthday (22! woot!) I was emergency flighted (not literally...) to Baltimore to visit my sister Kristen. We took a road trip to Gaffney, South Carolina. It was a great 8 hour drive with lots of singing, sleeping, talking, sister bonding, and general over all k sis awesomeness. ( kristen and I are the k-sisters (: ) We found Gaffney to be charming and quaint and everything you would expect of a town in South Carolina that the world forgot to bring with it when it started growing. Kristen got the job, but she couldn't handle the small town scene this town was offering, and I don't blame her. Though the peach water tower was awfully tempting! Who wouldn't want to claim this as part of their home town??
A mighty fine looking peach water tower, little nubby and all!
who knew SC produces more peaches than Georgia!

Peachy peaches!

So after our road trip south, we headed up to Hershey to visit Emily and Mike! (and Clara and Paisley of course!) We celebrated the 4th of July Hershey style and had a fun picnic with some friends and went to a concert outside the hospital and watched fireworks outside and on TV. I am so grateful for this wonderful country we live in!

Kristen hung out for a few days, but she had to go back down to Balitmore to work. Those workin women...;) So I stuck around and hung out with the Dears for the next 2 weeks. We did all sorts of awesomeness. When you live in Hershey, and you hang out with the Deardeuffs, the fun is endless! :)
We went to Hershey Pantry, Hershey gardens, Hershey Park, Hershey Library, Hershey post office, Hershey hospital (putting Hershey in front of it automatically makes it more fun.) We also went to Missy's Ugly Cookies , we went for walks, I got my hair cut, watched How the States got their shape (my new favorite TV show) and lots more fun!
I loved playing with the girls every day!! They are so cute and now they like me better! (Granted that wasn't hard since they very rarely see me so they don't warm up very quickly) But Clara is so sweet and Paisley is turning into such a fun little munchkin!

SO after 2+ weeks on the East coast we drove home again home again. jiggety jog. :) That might need to be another post. This is getting a little lengthy. Hate to bore my readers. That may or may not read it. What can I say, I'm a crowd pleaser. :)

Peace out readies.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Who Know

I am so grateful that there is a day set aside in the year to recognize the efforts and labors of mothers all around the world. Though they deserve more, it is the least we cando to step back and look at all they truly do. A speaker at church today quoted a poet named William Ross Wallace saying "the hand that rocks the cradle rocks the world". I truly believe that. In all of my education classes, we talk about how important it is for parents to docertain things before they even enter the classroom, and then continue helping outsidethe classroom. There is such an opportunity to do good in the world through the lives of children, and God has given women the sacred privilege and responsibility to do so. Another quote from church "the most important of the Lord's work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home". I cannot wait for the time when I will be able to have my own children to teach the gospel to!! Since I was a little girl, the thing I wanted more than anything was to be a Mom. Within my soul, I recognize my inherent role as a woman and I cannot wait to fulfill it!!! I think a major reason for this is because of the wonderful mother role models I've had in my life.

My own mother has taught me nearly everything I know and continues to push me to become better and affirms her unconditional love everyday. I have learned the true power and blessings of truly loving other people from her. She taught me to love the gospel. She taught me to have balance in life. She taught me that its ok to be sad sometimes. She taught me to love my siblings. She taught me to love words. She taught me to love to read and to learn. She taught me to love what's on the inside more than the outside. She taught me to serve. She taught me to find a worthy eternal companion. She is my hero, and I will always treasure our relationship! She is one of my best friends.
My Grandma Erekson is also another example of a faithful mother who Ihave learned from over the years. From her I learned the importance of working together as a family. She taught my father that in his childhood, and she taught me that in mine as well. I am grateful for her faithful life and example.

Though I have never met my mom's mom, I carry her name and feel a loving connection to her. I have heard stories of her faith and determination in living God's gospel, and seen her teachings in my Mom. I can't wait for the day when I get to meet this beloved Grandmother and thank her for her life!

My sisters (and sister in law) are also fabulous examples to me as they begin their families, and I can see them starting traditions in faith so they can raise up their little ones to live in the light of the gospel. I admire their strength and positivity!

Countless leaders in the church, all of my 10+ young women presidents, and others have also shown me what it means to be a great mother. Being in their homes and watching them in little moments, selflessly serving and loving has made a huge impact in my life. Jane Thomas and Briana Larson specifically have been second mothers to me in many ways and I am so grateful for their examples.

I love Sister Beck's talk entitled "Mothers Who Know", but even more I am grateful for the women is my life who know. Like the story in Alma 46, where 2000 young men lived because they believed, and they believed because they were taught. In verse 56 it says "We do not doubt our mothers knew it". Nor do I doubt. I believe in this gospel with all my heart, and I'm grateful I've been taught that from such exemplary women. So I say to you all:

Thank you.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

What do you think?

I've been thinking about a song from my childhood the past couple of weeks. It's from my beloved Scripture Scouts, which if you're not familiar with, you should be. As soon as possible.
Anyway, one particular song (that my mom likes to quote) has been running through my head:

"What do you think, when there's nothing to think about?"

I've just been doing a lot of self reflection lately, and I keep coming back to this idea. The things we think about may seem so insignificant and trivial, but really they're everything. What I think about when I have nothing else pressing on my mind really determines who I am. If I have a few minutes, what do I find running through my mind? And even when I have things to think about, how do I prioritize them or contextualize them? I think the natural man has an inclination for selfish thinking; what do I want to do? how do I look? Why aren't I as ____(insert adjective)___as ___(insert other person)___? If you don't make any conscious effort, it just happens naturally! I don't know if it's just because I'm a girl or what, but my natural tendency is to compare myself to other people, especially to other girls, even though we're told over and over again not to do it. And it makes sense! I heard recently comparing yourself to other people is a losing game because you are comparing your insides to another person's outsides. You're being unfair to yourself and setting yourself up for pain and unhappiness. Yet girls everywhere continue to do it. I continue to do it. Even though I know what it does to me!
I feel like I have been taught so many things my whole life, but this particular time in my life, even though its sometimes hard and frustrating, I'm really learning what application of those lessons look and feel like. I feel like I have lots of the hypothetical answers. I know what I should be doing. But very often, I don't. But WHY?

So, back to my thought, even though I've heard the saying for years, I feel like I'm finally beginning to understand it. Understand it in a way that has made me want to implement it.

If I can change the way I think, I can change the way I act and change what I become.

To you they may be words. But to me, they speak to not only the root of my problems as well as the solution. Just as simple of a thing as a thought can create such a change.

I want to be good. I want to be a disciple of Christ. I want to share this glorious gospel with all the amazing people I have been blessed to meet in my life. I want to appreciate everyday of this mortal field trip, because it is going by fast. I want to emulate the light of Christ.

I want these things so much. And I can have them. And it all starts with a thought.

I think :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Blog birth!!

"Have you ever birthed a blog?? I have!" Thank you Chelsea.

I was just writing in my journal, and I decided to play my favorite game. "What was I doing one year ago today?" So I looked back and that night we all wrote in our journals. So tonight Chelsea broke out her journal to look at what she wrote that night. Her journal has "there and back again" written on the front. THEN I realized that's where my blog inspiration came from! And I realized a year ago today I created this little beauty! And what a year its been! I've sure had some fun times documented. I can't say as I'm hooked on blogging yet, but who knows what another year will do! What adventures lie in store to be documented on these cyber space pages? Who knows?? I'm excited!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I struggle

I don't know why I can't blog on a regular basis. I think it's because I get started on long tangents and think of it as a big investment of time. So I'm going to try and do short ones, mostly to just prove to myself that it can be done.

So here is my short thought:
I love my math class. A lot. Mostly because of the girls at my table. Shout out to Heidi, Mariah, Lisa, Sarah and Jaymie!They keep me so thoroughly entertained that I forget to hate math! We make up the best math problems and come up with amazing math jokes. I look forward to those two hour class periods more than I should :) And my uncle teaches it, and does a FANTASTIC job! And I got a 93 on my first test and one of the questions was about my mom. That's enough to make you love any class!

(This picture I drew for my art class, which I do not love, but I am quite fond of this drawing. Mostly because it took me like four hours to draw!)

And now I'm done. short and sweet.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

"What's to become of me?"

Life's a funny thing. Well, ironically it's not usually funny when we use that phrase. Another funny thing. But unrelated to what I came here to blog about.....

So I feel like I keep going through these huge ordeals to make big decisions and then I decide and think I should be good for at least a couple of months. And then another big decision seems to pop up that needs dealing with. "I just cleaned up this mess! Can't it just stay clean for like, five minutes??" - Incredibles

My current life dilemma is what to do this summer. The good thing is I have a few things I know I don't want to do. Or can't do. So that knocks a few apples out of my choice basket.

I pretty much know I'm going to stay out in Provo and take classes at least Spring, probably summer.

But I just have that itch for change, which makes no sense because I LOVE my apartment, I LOVE my roommates, and I love my ward! So why would I want to change any of that you ask? Ok, maybe you didn't ask, but Chelsea has asked me multiple times. I DON'T KNOW!! I just have this feeling of inexplicable discontent. I need something to change; something to look forward to; some change in environment; some struggle for survival!! And plus what's the fun of staying with what you're comfortable with? I've gotta live up the spontaneity of college life while I can!

(First Roommate photo at our stake opening social- Sarah, me, Alice, and Chelsea)

So you're probably reading this saying, cool. Sounds like you've made up your mind. Just go move already. Therein lies my problem. I don't know WHERE to go!!! I kind of would like to try the foreign language housing, but its kind of pricey for the spring/summer. So if I don't go there, I pretty much have NO requirements! seriously. And Provo has no end of places to live! So I just get overwhelmed by all the options and decide to think about it later. Then when I get back to thinking about it, I start at the same logical starting race post and make it to about the same marker in my metaphorical racing logic analogy. which happens to be nowhere! :) In the past I've always felt really strongly about one place we've found and we just go and do. I haven't got that yet, so maybe I haven't found the right option. Blech....I'm too busy doing school to worry about where to live.

So I'm hoping by blogging my thoughts I'd make it to a new racing marker.

I think it might have helped.

I'm thinking the language housing is a good option. It'll force me to keep my Spanish up (and I've learned there's no better way to learn than by speaking immersion!) Then I'll get to see a new side of campus, meet new people, get home made dinners every night (required by the housing), I'll be closer to the temple. I like the sound of this!

Dang it. I just got myself sold on the idea, and found out you have to have completed Span 102. maybe I can get it waived.

Ok. Goal for tomorrow.

Anyway. Now for where you, my readers, come in.

HELP ME!!! Suggestions, advise, contract info, anything!!

kthanks. :D

Friday, January 21, 2011

Not your average.....wait...

I'm kind of cookie cutter. Ok, really cookie cutter. White bread. you know.

I don't have a problem with that, just kind of a fact of life.

I have, however, prided myself the past few years on not being your average college student. I didn't fall into any of the typical stereotypical college roles (in my mind). I went to bed at a decent hour (most nights) I did my homework at reasonable times, I never skipped class, I spent reasonable hours at the library, I ate healthily, I exercised, I had friends- normal but not typical.
(granted, writing this I'm realizing this may actually be the typical BYU....ignoring that....)

I guess the problem with pride. It has a way of coming back and nipping you in the behind with a dose of humility.

Then this semester. I don't know what it is, but I feel like I'm falling into the "college groove". I prefer staying up later and have a hard time going to bed early, I just eat whatever junk is laying around, I have hardly gone to the library, skipping class is more tempting (I still won't do it, but it sure is tempting these cold winter days), I pretty much just hang out with my roommates.....needless to say I'm falling into a slump. I need to find a ladder.

I have a sneaking suspicion it might have to do with the weather.

Winter- please go away, I need to be a better student. Thanks a ton.


I love this picture. And I'm tired.

P.S. I'm trying to blog more. More isn't always more. sorry for the rant :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Confessions of a negligent blogger

So, for as much as I like to talk, you'd think I'd be more interested into this "getting your thoughts out for people to hear thing". For some reason or another, it just isn't sticking with me. It might be due to the fact that I feel like the only person who actually reads this is my sister, and I talk to her everyday, so why take the time to type it? Or it might be that I prefer the audible version of communication. Or it might be that I'm too busy enjoying everyone else's blog to update my own.

It's entirely possible it is all of the reasons above.

However, I was thinking today about how I should blog more often and then someone in my ward told me she actually looks at my blog and noticed the lack of update-age (Thanks Judy (: ) and I decided to get off my And ride off into my blogging sunset of happiness! Ok. corny. Possible reason I shouldn't blog...keep my corny humor from making it to the electronic world of blogging. Heaven knows I have enough of it to go around.

ANYWAY. Here goes....

I made it home from Peru safe and sound. My sister Kristen asked me what one word I would use to experience it and I provided her with my answer : growing.
It was exactly what I needed. I grew in my self confidence. I grew in my understanding of teaching and of the gospel. I grew new friendships. I grew new appreciations. I grew a knowledge of a new language. Oh, and I grew my waistline, but let's not dwell on that. You would too if you knew what Peruvian food tastes like! So, even though it was hard, I wouldn't trade that experience for the world!!! VIVE PERU! :)

(I love this picture because 1. its with the amazing couple who I lived with and 2. because Senora Clara took the picture and she couldn't see where we were and 3. it looks like Juan Carlos has a star over his head!)

Once I got home, my life was thrown into a whirlwind, what with getting home from South America, my sister Elizabeth getting married, my little brother going on a mission, my sister in law on bed rest for her pregnancy, my house under construction, and changes at work for my dad- It was eventful to say the least!!! I always love Christmas though, no matter how crazy it gets! (and it gets pretty crazy, believe me!!) But I love our family traditions and I just love being together!!
(Sisters at the Utah reception! What a beautiful bride!! So happy for her and Andrew!! (: )

Then coming back to school, the craziness followed me!!!!!!! Chelsea and I vowed productivity one day to be followed by a reward of a movie. However, we never got to productivity because we had a CONSTANT stream of people come to our apartment!! It was crazy!! And we have just had activities left and right to keep us thoroughly distracted from things like cleaning. (oh and our dishwasher decided to overflow and not work. Nothin like a good dose of reality like hand washing dishes. though i actually enjoy it...random tangent...stopping) One of my bestest friends also happens to be leaving for her mission next week, so we've had to celebrate before she leaves (because I am going to miss her terribly!!) So we've been dedicating some time to some bonding with the new roomies who lucky for us are sweet girls and look to be promising! :) To sum up, it's great to be back in the good ole crazy US of A.
(did I mention it is REALLY cold in Utah?? This pic isn't in Provo, but it gives you a general feel for the idea. I don't have any pictures from the last two weeks because I lost my camera, but despair no more for it is found and more pictures shall soon follow!)
(Kristen took this with her eyes closed! Impressive eh?)

So moral of this post is- Peru was awesome. Christmas was awesome. BYU is awesome. My life is awesome. And you will be sure to be amazed about how awesome the frequency of my blogging is going to be. (Hopefully)

Over and out.