Monday, July 25, 2011

I should blog....

Last post from mother's day eh? Negligent blogger much? Yes. I own up completely. I don't know why I keep coming back.....recording for posterity? That sounds like a justifiable reason. Though I don't know how keen they'll be on checking out my old, and probably out dated technological life documentation. Oh well. I'll make 'em like it. And in the mean time, I'll document it more. Maybe even on my blog :)

So since May, I took finals and left the Spanish House, which was very sad- I LOVED living there!! I want to go back if at all possible. I have fallen in love with Spanish! I wish I could still speak it everyday! I need to go back to South America....or even Southern America.....or just the Spanish branch. I need some espanol en mi vida!!! So anyways, loved the Spanish, the people we're first class and I was tempted to stay for summer. But not enough to actually want to take classes.

La Casa Espanola Ladies and Gentlemen.

So I flew myself on home to the beautiful St. Louis. I love coming home!! Even though you can't go back to a time, I love seeing the places I grew up and seeing old friends and my fabulous family! Such a wonderful life I lead!

So after being home for a week or two and celebrating my Asian birthday (22! woot!) I was emergency flighted (not literally...) to Baltimore to visit my sister Kristen. We took a road trip to Gaffney, South Carolina. It was a great 8 hour drive with lots of singing, sleeping, talking, sister bonding, and general over all k sis awesomeness. ( kristen and I are the k-sisters (: ) We found Gaffney to be charming and quaint and everything you would expect of a town in South Carolina that the world forgot to bring with it when it started growing. Kristen got the job, but she couldn't handle the small town scene this town was offering, and I don't blame her. Though the peach water tower was awfully tempting! Who wouldn't want to claim this as part of their home town??
A mighty fine looking peach water tower, little nubby and all!
who knew SC produces more peaches than Georgia!

Peachy peaches!

So after our road trip south, we headed up to Hershey to visit Emily and Mike! (and Clara and Paisley of course!) We celebrated the 4th of July Hershey style and had a fun picnic with some friends and went to a concert outside the hospital and watched fireworks outside and on TV. I am so grateful for this wonderful country we live in!

Kristen hung out for a few days, but she had to go back down to Balitmore to work. Those workin women...;) So I stuck around and hung out with the Dears for the next 2 weeks. We did all sorts of awesomeness. When you live in Hershey, and you hang out with the Deardeuffs, the fun is endless! :)
We went to Hershey Pantry, Hershey gardens, Hershey Park, Hershey Library, Hershey post office, Hershey hospital (putting Hershey in front of it automatically makes it more fun.) We also went to Missy's Ugly Cookies , we went for walks, I got my hair cut, watched How the States got their shape (my new favorite TV show) and lots more fun!
I loved playing with the girls every day!! They are so cute and now they like me better! (Granted that wasn't hard since they very rarely see me so they don't warm up very quickly) But Clara is so sweet and Paisley is turning into such a fun little munchkin!

SO after 2+ weeks on the East coast we drove home again home again. jiggety jog. :) That might need to be another post. This is getting a little lengthy. Hate to bore my readers. That may or may not read it. What can I say, I'm a crowd pleaser. :)

Peace out readies.

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