Monday, November 21, 2011

Find what you love

The past month I had the chance to do what I'm going to school for- I got to TEACH!!! I was in a
second grade class up in Heber, UT. I absolutely LOVED it!!!!! Not only did I learn a TON about teaching, but I fell in love* with 52 second graders!!! (*there was varying degrees of love :) ) I worked in a dual-immersion program, so we switched between teaching in English and in Spanish, which was a whole different challenge, but really great! Today was our last day and it was so hard to leave!! I am going to miss those crazy kids and doing what I really love! It feels so good to know what I want to do with my life! I had a rough period where I wasn't sure about teaching, which took me to Peru so I'm grateful that it happened, but I couldn't be happier to be back in teaching and doing what I love with the, kids, that I love!!!!!!!!

I wanted to write down some funny things they've said so I don't forget them! Enjoy!

In a conversation talking about states, "I've been to Arizona!" "I've been to Idaho!" "I've been to Las Vegas!" Me-"ok, that's in Nevada!" Marianne solemnly looks at me and says "one time we had a dog and it got shot in the forehead and died." Me- "Oh my goodness! that's so sad!!" *serious / understanding head nod*

Me- "Ok, today I'm going to do an experiment, can anyone tell me what an experiment is?" Leilany-" OH ME! Its like when you have a fish and you catch it and its dead and you put the stuff on it and it comes back to life!" Me- "ummmmmmm..........not exactly what I was going for...."

Me- "El gatito es un callejero. Alguin puede decirme que es un callejero?" Cynthia- "Si! Es alguin que vive en los calles!" "Si, y como sabes esto?" "Porque mi mama siempre dice esto a mi papa!"
(Translation: The cat is "someone who lives in the streets", can anyone tell me what that is? Yes, someone who lives in the streets! How do you know that? Because my mom always says that to my dad!" )

"UH! That boy makes me so mad I just want to kill him!" Me and Daniel "Uh, that wouldn't be very nice! How about you kill him with kindness?" Zippy (TINY quiet little girl) "Yeah, take him DOWN!" ..... the next day.... "Miss Kate, I thought about what you said and I decided the next time he bugs me I won't kill him. I'll just walk away" "that sounds like a fabulous idea!"
One day we taught a virtual field trip and we thought it would be funny to have them walk around in the halls and come back for the field trip, but they were less than enthused when they found out we weren't actually leaving. The next day a little boy comes up to us "Do you remember that one time we went on the field trip but we didn't go anywhere?" "um, yesterday? Yeah I remember" :)

"Are we going to watch a long video? Like 12 minutes??"

Leilany "I might go to Mexico when I go home today." "Really? For how long??" "Like 20 days. I don't want to though. I hope we leave at the end of Christmas, no at the end of the school year. No! At the end of when I graduate!!" (she didn't leave, but a lot of the kids from our school just go to Mexico for weeks at a time!)

In the Library we got to listen to the Librarian's record player and she played a song about Christopher Columbus. "Who sailed across the sea in a boat called the Santa Maria?" the whole class- " CAPTAIN HOOK!!!" Apparently they haven't covered that period in history quite yet....

There was this book in their library about 10 snails that got picked off until they were two left and they had a picture of them like making out and then there were 10 more snails! Needless to say, we did NOT use that book to teach. That is a can of worms we did not want to open....

"AY! No puedo hablar!" Maestra Zelaya....We heard that A LOT :)

"I have 6 kids in my family" "My mom has 10 kids in her family!" "I have 8 people in my family counting my mom and my dad!" Weston- "I have 10 people in my family.......but I'm counting my fish and my dog." Poor kid trying to fit in in Utah ;)

From our friend's class whose teacher is pregnant: The teacher came in and said it kind of looks like I swallowed a basketball, huh? "my grandpa sometimes looks like he swallowed a basketball!" :)
A kid lost her tooth and the whole class was looking for it and the teacher said last year they lost a tooth too and a little boy very seriously said "Like the evil tooth stealer from South England??!"

"what's that ring Mr. Daniel?" "its my wedding ring" "Miss Kate, is that your wedding ring?" "No, its on the wrong hand, I'm not married" *gasp!!* .....I'm not that old! Come on!!

"Mr. Daniel, Miss Kate, are you guys married?" "nooooooooo" next day "Mr. Daniel, Miss Kate, are you brother and sister?" "nooooo" do we have to be related to teach together? hahahaha

After Maestra Zelaya asked a question in Spanish, one of the boys responded in Spanish and everyone laughed, and stella tapped me on the shoulder and asked what he said, so I told her in Spanish, and she just looked at me with this blank stare and said "I don't speak Spanish."

Emmanuel "Mr. Daniel, you look good!" Me- "hey! what about me??" "You look ok." hahahahaha....someone's got a little man crush ;)

They threw us a surprise party our last day but our second graders are terrible at keeping secrets. Kensington- "are you coming to our party monday??" Colter- "Kensington!!" Kensington- "oops. it was supposed to be a secret" :)

Gracy- "open the gate, pick some flowers, how many did you pick?" "7" "you will miss us for 7 billion years!" -- You have no idea Gracy :)

These are all I can remember right now, but I might have to go back and add some later.

I feel so lucky to get to work with these cute and funny kiddos!!