Monday, March 4, 2013

When I have more to say than is socially acceptable to put on a Facebook status....

MY LIFE! It's wonderful, crazy, stressful, insane, and my favorite all at once!!!

This weekend I feel like I have had a ton of HUGE life changes hit me.  A lot of them have been in the works for a while, but they're all just coming together.  Let me tell you about them. (Really I think it's just me telling my future self so I remember, but whatevs.)

1. I finally finished my minor!!!!!!!!!!!! This minor has been the bane of my existence for soooooo long!!! All the classes were really late at night and I hated going to them, but I did. Then the last class I decided to take in the summer. Then I decided that was a horrible idea and decided to post-pone it until the fall.  Then I decided to faint right before one of the major deadlines, so I got it pushed back till winter, and it has just been a long, painful process. (Except for the coordinating teacher- she was wonderful and so helpful!!!) But on Saturday, I FINALLY had my exit interview and I am DONEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah. It feels so good. I can't even tell you.

2. My teacher work sample is DONE!!! This is like the final project of my internship that I've been working on the whole year.  Granted our district does a revised TWS, so it's not as bad as other districts. However, it still was a lot of work (being a teacher is just work. period. ) So I just submitted my final assignment, and finished my last 2 observations this last week and it feels sooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!! I am so excited!! But it's also a lot of work to pull a wedding together. However, last week I bought my wedding dress, decided what the little girls are going to wear, AND took engagement pictures!! So fun! However, the only thing I want to do these days is be with Tyler.  Which isn't very conducive to teaching school everyday and working. Sigh. I also feel inactive in my ward because I haven't been in like a month.  I'm totally like the cliche engaged girl- get engaged and disappear from the world. Oh well. I love it :) And him. I definitely love him. : D

What's not to love???
"I love you like a chocolate kid loves fat!" Tyler
He mixes up phrases like this all the time, but sometimes they really strike our funny bones :) 

4. Schoolio. Well this has been hitting me for a long time now. But I have gotten 2 new students in the past month, which is kind of hard.  But I am really enjoying this point in the year. It's fun to see the trust and relationship with my students start to pay off and see the progress they've made over the year. I love my class!! They are just so cute and fun!! I am really going to miss them. Good thing I'll have a husband to distract me from missing them too much :) BTW my class is almost as excited as I am that I'm getting married! It's pretty dang cute :)
Might as well throw in some good quote from my kiddos while I'm here right?
"Aw man. There's more girls than boys!" K 
"No, there's 2 boys and 2 girls" Me
" Well I was counting you..."K
"I'm not a girl.  I am a woman." Me
"Yeah, well soon you're going to be a Guy!" K
*Laughing really really hard*
"Can I tell the whole class??" K
"sure!" Me 

"Ms. Erekson- the word heal actually has 3 homophones. Heel like your shoe, heal like get better, and 'heel' like I'm going down the "heel"." 

Random kid crying in the hallway- "I'm just so nervous to go to chess club!!" 

"My arm is hurting.  I think my new skin is coming in." 

Oh they make me smile :D

Well, that's all folks. Hope you enjoyed the ride.