Sunday, August 14, 2011

"I just love it so much!"

So Elizabeth and I watched Anne of Green Gables tonight.

I LOVE Anne of Green Gables, because I was raised on it and have many fond memories watching it with my fam-bam. Tonight though as we watched, we got REALLY involved. We commented every five seconds "I LOVE Mathew!!" "I LOVE Marilla!" "awww! I just LOVE Matthew!!!" repeat. Then Matthew died. Elizabeth and I bawled. Like seriously. And neither of us are the kind of people that cry on a drop of a hat. Then we started laughing at how hard we were crying, which sent us into hysterics. I think Elizabeth almost threw up. Matthew was just so cute and tender and we just love him so much! It was hard to see him go!

So now my eyes are hurting from crying. And that's the worst time to go to bed. And everyone knows you blog when you don't want to do something else. So here I am :)

And now I'm feeling extra sentimental. Maybe this isn't a good time to blog. But I just love people so much! I get that from my mom. She gets attached to people really easily. And I can't help it! I just meet all the coolest people where ever I go and then I miss them when I go somewhere else!

I obviously miss my sisters who weren't here to join in our little cry fest, but I'm sure they would have participated. They're cool like that. :)

I also miss my dear darlingest roommates. I have seriously had phenomenal luck with roommates! And I can't wait to see these girls in a few weeks- Chelsea, Alice, Meghan, Lindsey, Lindsay, and Kaitlin!!!! Top notch, I do say. (I'm way excited to have some new ones in the fall too! Woot!)

A special shout out to my missionaries. I've got a collection. And I miss them all. If missions weren't so awesome, they would stink. I'm especially missing my girls serving their hearts away!!! Brittany and Emily- come back to me!!!

I've also been missing my Spanish house/ FLSRites a whole heap the last couple weeks! I think because I could have potentially been out there with them right now I just ache to play with them! Spring term was seriously a blast and a half! I'm so grateful for the friendships I made there!! I would list them all, but I would have to write all 22 of them plus people from the other houses because they were all amazing! And I MISS THEM!

I just recently stopped missing my parents. They left me. Yes, their youngest college bound daughter. They fled the country to abide in the Italian countryside. Which is actually oceanside. details. But I can't blame them. I LOVE Europe and my Dad had never been before, so I was excited for him to fall in love with it! But I missed them. But I don't anymore. Because they're back. I suppose I could practice missing them for when I leave in a couple weeks (like my Mom does whenever she goes somewhere) but I'll just enjoy them instead and miss all the other fabulous people in my life!

Sooo what this mess of words stew boils down to, is Elizabeth and I are sensitive souls. And I am so grateful for my rockin awesome friends. I wouldn't trade 'em for anything. Wait, yeah, no. Wouldn't trade 'em. :)

If you're reading this, chances are I'm missing you. Even if you don't fit into an above mentioned category. Probably more actually....because I don't want to insult you.... by labeling you. ?

And now I'm tired and don't want to put up pictures. Maybe later. peace and blessins.