Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Blog birth!!

"Have you ever birthed a blog?? I have!" Thank you Chelsea.

I was just writing in my journal, and I decided to play my favorite game. "What was I doing one year ago today?" So I looked back and that night we all wrote in our journals. So tonight Chelsea broke out her journal to look at what she wrote that night. Her journal has "there and back again" written on the front. THEN I realized that's where my blog inspiration came from! And I realized a year ago today I created this little beauty! And what a year its been! I've sure had some fun times documented. I can't say as I'm hooked on blogging yet, but who knows what another year will do! What adventures lie in store to be documented on these cyber space pages? Who knows?? I'm excited!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I struggle

I don't know why I can't blog on a regular basis. I think it's because I get started on long tangents and think of it as a big investment of time. So I'm going to try and do short ones, mostly to just prove to myself that it can be done.

So here is my short thought:
I love my math class. A lot. Mostly because of the girls at my table. Shout out to Heidi, Mariah, Lisa, Sarah and Jaymie!They keep me so thoroughly entertained that I forget to hate math! We make up the best math problems and come up with amazing math jokes. I look forward to those two hour class periods more than I should :) And my uncle teaches it, and does a FANTASTIC job! And I got a 93 on my first test and one of the questions was about my mom. That's enough to make you love any class!

(This picture I drew for my art class, which I do not love, but I am quite fond of this drawing. Mostly because it took me like four hours to draw!)

And now I'm done. short and sweet.