Sunday, January 23, 2011

"What's to become of me?"

Life's a funny thing. Well, ironically it's not usually funny when we use that phrase. Another funny thing. But unrelated to what I came here to blog about.....

So I feel like I keep going through these huge ordeals to make big decisions and then I decide and think I should be good for at least a couple of months. And then another big decision seems to pop up that needs dealing with. "I just cleaned up this mess! Can't it just stay clean for like, five minutes??" - Incredibles

My current life dilemma is what to do this summer. The good thing is I have a few things I know I don't want to do. Or can't do. So that knocks a few apples out of my choice basket.

I pretty much know I'm going to stay out in Provo and take classes at least Spring, probably summer.

But I just have that itch for change, which makes no sense because I LOVE my apartment, I LOVE my roommates, and I love my ward! So why would I want to change any of that you ask? Ok, maybe you didn't ask, but Chelsea has asked me multiple times. I DON'T KNOW!! I just have this feeling of inexplicable discontent. I need something to change; something to look forward to; some change in environment; some struggle for survival!! And plus what's the fun of staying with what you're comfortable with? I've gotta live up the spontaneity of college life while I can!

(First Roommate photo at our stake opening social- Sarah, me, Alice, and Chelsea)

So you're probably reading this saying, cool. Sounds like you've made up your mind. Just go move already. Therein lies my problem. I don't know WHERE to go!!! I kind of would like to try the foreign language housing, but its kind of pricey for the spring/summer. So if I don't go there, I pretty much have NO requirements! seriously. And Provo has no end of places to live! So I just get overwhelmed by all the options and decide to think about it later. Then when I get back to thinking about it, I start at the same logical starting race post and make it to about the same marker in my metaphorical racing logic analogy. which happens to be nowhere! :) In the past I've always felt really strongly about one place we've found and we just go and do. I haven't got that yet, so maybe I haven't found the right option. Blech....I'm too busy doing school to worry about where to live.

So I'm hoping by blogging my thoughts I'd make it to a new racing marker.

I think it might have helped.

I'm thinking the language housing is a good option. It'll force me to keep my Spanish up (and I've learned there's no better way to learn than by speaking immersion!) Then I'll get to see a new side of campus, meet new people, get home made dinners every night (required by the housing), I'll be closer to the temple. I like the sound of this!

Dang it. I just got myself sold on the idea, and found out you have to have completed Span 102. maybe I can get it waived.

Ok. Goal for tomorrow.

Anyway. Now for where you, my readers, come in.

HELP ME!!! Suggestions, advise, contract info, anything!!

kthanks. :D

Friday, January 21, 2011

Not your average.....wait...

I'm kind of cookie cutter. Ok, really cookie cutter. White bread. you know.

I don't have a problem with that, just kind of a fact of life.

I have, however, prided myself the past few years on not being your average college student. I didn't fall into any of the typical stereotypical college roles (in my mind). I went to bed at a decent hour (most nights) I did my homework at reasonable times, I never skipped class, I spent reasonable hours at the library, I ate healthily, I exercised, I had friends- normal but not typical.
(granted, writing this I'm realizing this may actually be the typical BYU....ignoring that....)

I guess the problem with pride. It has a way of coming back and nipping you in the behind with a dose of humility.

Then this semester. I don't know what it is, but I feel like I'm falling into the "college groove". I prefer staying up later and have a hard time going to bed early, I just eat whatever junk is laying around, I have hardly gone to the library, skipping class is more tempting (I still won't do it, but it sure is tempting these cold winter days), I pretty much just hang out with my roommates.....needless to say I'm falling into a slump. I need to find a ladder.

I have a sneaking suspicion it might have to do with the weather.

Winter- please go away, I need to be a better student. Thanks a ton.


I love this picture. And I'm tired.

P.S. I'm trying to blog more. More isn't always more. sorry for the rant :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Confessions of a negligent blogger

So, for as much as I like to talk, you'd think I'd be more interested into this "getting your thoughts out for people to hear thing". For some reason or another, it just isn't sticking with me. It might be due to the fact that I feel like the only person who actually reads this is my sister, and I talk to her everyday, so why take the time to type it? Or it might be that I prefer the audible version of communication. Or it might be that I'm too busy enjoying everyone else's blog to update my own.

It's entirely possible it is all of the reasons above.

However, I was thinking today about how I should blog more often and then someone in my ward told me she actually looks at my blog and noticed the lack of update-age (Thanks Judy (: ) and I decided to get off my And ride off into my blogging sunset of happiness! Ok. corny. Possible reason I shouldn't blog...keep my corny humor from making it to the electronic world of blogging. Heaven knows I have enough of it to go around.

ANYWAY. Here goes....

I made it home from Peru safe and sound. My sister Kristen asked me what one word I would use to experience it and I provided her with my answer : growing.
It was exactly what I needed. I grew in my self confidence. I grew in my understanding of teaching and of the gospel. I grew new friendships. I grew new appreciations. I grew a knowledge of a new language. Oh, and I grew my waistline, but let's not dwell on that. You would too if you knew what Peruvian food tastes like! So, even though it was hard, I wouldn't trade that experience for the world!!! VIVE PERU! :)

(I love this picture because 1. its with the amazing couple who I lived with and 2. because Senora Clara took the picture and she couldn't see where we were and 3. it looks like Juan Carlos has a star over his head!)

Once I got home, my life was thrown into a whirlwind, what with getting home from South America, my sister Elizabeth getting married, my little brother going on a mission, my sister in law on bed rest for her pregnancy, my house under construction, and changes at work for my dad- It was eventful to say the least!!! I always love Christmas though, no matter how crazy it gets! (and it gets pretty crazy, believe me!!) But I love our family traditions and I just love being together!!
(Sisters at the Utah reception! What a beautiful bride!! So happy for her and Andrew!! (: )

Then coming back to school, the craziness followed me!!!!!!! Chelsea and I vowed productivity one day to be followed by a reward of a movie. However, we never got to productivity because we had a CONSTANT stream of people come to our apartment!! It was crazy!! And we have just had activities left and right to keep us thoroughly distracted from things like cleaning. (oh and our dishwasher decided to overflow and not work. Nothin like a good dose of reality like hand washing dishes. though i actually enjoy it...random tangent...stopping) One of my bestest friends also happens to be leaving for her mission next week, so we've had to celebrate before she leaves (because I am going to miss her terribly!!) So we've been dedicating some time to some bonding with the new roomies who lucky for us are sweet girls and look to be promising! :) To sum up, it's great to be back in the good ole crazy US of A.
(did I mention it is REALLY cold in Utah?? This pic isn't in Provo, but it gives you a general feel for the idea. I don't have any pictures from the last two weeks because I lost my camera, but despair no more for it is found and more pictures shall soon follow!)
(Kristen took this with her eyes closed! Impressive eh?)

So moral of this post is- Peru was awesome. Christmas was awesome. BYU is awesome. My life is awesome. And you will be sure to be amazed about how awesome the frequency of my blogging is going to be. (Hopefully)

Over and out.