Thursday, July 28, 2011

We are Family!

Look, I said I would make another post and I'm doing it! Look at that follow Where was I? Ah yes. ROAD TRIP!

This is the second road trip I've done with my little nieces and nephews. Two years ago I drove to Utah with Greg and Lisa and their 3 little kids. So only a 13 hour drive with 2 kids was nothing to the 24 hour drive with 3 ;) We split the drive up over 2 days so that helped too!

The first day was just a lot of driving, but the girls were both so good! I got to sit next to my Paisl-kins! :) She was SO tired at the end of the day she was being such a cheeser!!! I loved it!!
The second day of driving we stopped in my place of birth, my old Kentucky home, Louisville Kentucky. We went to Churchill Downs- where they have the Kentucky Derby!

It was a good time, of course! Let me tell you, I got some real photographic gems! But I won't put them on here to protect certain individuals potential embarrassment. Just use your imagination :)

Good fun was had by all. Except Clara. Who felt barfy. And Emily. But Emily got a new hat and Clara got a horse, so e'rybody left happy!

So fast forward a few more hours of driving, arriving home, seeing the last harry potter movie!!! ( i might need to talk more about that.....) a great church meeting, yadda yadda.....we took family pictures! Hooray! Every couple of months whether we need it or not I guess.....I gotta say, I've got a pretty cute family. They're worth documenting regularly :)

Here's proof that we are a family- we have pictures! :

The married familial units
My cute parents and the ones who started it all :)

Andrew and Elizabeth

All the single ladies, say wha??

Michael was MIA (Missionary In Action you might say...)
here is his honorary blank spot where a picture would be.....

classic grandkid shot

Paisley, Caroline, Clara, Rock, Julia, and William
I have THE cutest nieces and nephews. It's just a fact.

My beautiful sisters

And the grand finale- the group picture (s)

Man alive, I love my family! I'm so glad I get to be with them forever!!!
I'm looking forward to more (and bigger) family pictures!
Bring on the babies!!!! (and the spouses, we still have a few left) :)


  1. I love you Kate! P.S. Where are the mom and Dad and Greg and Lisa's family picture? Way to post!

  2. P.P.S. Thanks again with your help on the drive out!