Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Who Know

I am so grateful that there is a day set aside in the year to recognize the efforts and labors of mothers all around the world. Though they deserve more, it is the least we cando to step back and look at all they truly do. A speaker at church today quoted a poet named William Ross Wallace saying "the hand that rocks the cradle rocks the world". I truly believe that. In all of my education classes, we talk about how important it is for parents to docertain things before they even enter the classroom, and then continue helping outsidethe classroom. There is such an opportunity to do good in the world through the lives of children, and God has given women the sacred privilege and responsibility to do so. Another quote from church "the most important of the Lord's work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home". I cannot wait for the time when I will be able to have my own children to teach the gospel to!! Since I was a little girl, the thing I wanted more than anything was to be a Mom. Within my soul, I recognize my inherent role as a woman and I cannot wait to fulfill it!!! I think a major reason for this is because of the wonderful mother role models I've had in my life.

My own mother has taught me nearly everything I know and continues to push me to become better and affirms her unconditional love everyday. I have learned the true power and blessings of truly loving other people from her. She taught me to love the gospel. She taught me to have balance in life. She taught me that its ok to be sad sometimes. She taught me to love my siblings. She taught me to love words. She taught me to love to read and to learn. She taught me to love what's on the inside more than the outside. She taught me to serve. She taught me to find a worthy eternal companion. She is my hero, and I will always treasure our relationship! She is one of my best friends.
My Grandma Erekson is also another example of a faithful mother who Ihave learned from over the years. From her I learned the importance of working together as a family. She taught my father that in his childhood, and she taught me that in mine as well. I am grateful for her faithful life and example.

Though I have never met my mom's mom, I carry her name and feel a loving connection to her. I have heard stories of her faith and determination in living God's gospel, and seen her teachings in my Mom. I can't wait for the day when I get to meet this beloved Grandmother and thank her for her life!

My sisters (and sister in law) are also fabulous examples to me as they begin their families, and I can see them starting traditions in faith so they can raise up their little ones to live in the light of the gospel. I admire their strength and positivity!

Countless leaders in the church, all of my 10+ young women presidents, and others have also shown me what it means to be a great mother. Being in their homes and watching them in little moments, selflessly serving and loving has made a huge impact in my life. Jane Thomas and Briana Larson specifically have been second mothers to me in many ways and I am so grateful for their examples.

I love Sister Beck's talk entitled "Mothers Who Know", but even more I am grateful for the women is my life who know. Like the story in Alma 46, where 2000 young men lived because they believed, and they believed because they were taught. In verse 56 it says "We do not doubt our mothers knew it". Nor do I doubt. I believe in this gospel with all my heart, and I'm grateful I've been taught that from such exemplary women. So I say to you all:

Thank you.

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  1. So that made me cry! I love that post! I might just have to copy and paste that as my Mother's Day post! You are going to be an amazing mother!!! I agree 100% with everything you said--and I love that talk Mothers Who Know (I read it for one of my value experiences).