Friday, September 23, 2011


In order to accurately describe this period in my life, I really need a post dedicated to how incredibly blessed I feel. Because it's oh so true!

My semester thus far has been so utterly fabulous. I LOVE my classes. Its so fun to get into classes that apply to my profession, and feel good about being in my profession! This has just been such a testament to me of God's timing. I'm a believer you might say. Its so fun to me to be taught about teaching! Not to mention when that teaching includes watching Matilda, eating candy, drawing pictures, and acting on a regular basis. Its all so interesting and all feels very applicable, which is kind of intimidating, because there's no way I'm going to remember it all, but I want to! I cannot WAIT to get into the classrooms!! That's my absolute favoritest part!

My roommates are also quite fabulous, as usual. I am so grateful that I have been blessed every year with roommates who are so great, and balance me out with what I need, and just support me in everything. Its also very fun that 3 of the 4 girls are from St. Louis. (Kaitlin, Clarissa, and Kate) You know that's a winning team! And then you through in our Wyoming girl, (Kelsey) and we're pretty much unstoppable, not to mention a mouthful!

our first and only entire roommate picture thus far, so it'll have to do :)

I haven't super connected with my ward yet, but that's ok. I have some great friends from years past that have kept me busy, including my beloved past roommate Chelsea Campbell and Alice Rumney, my old peeps from the Spanish house, and some random get togethers with roommates from Freshman year.
And to be honest, I don't mind staying home all the time. Especially since this is the view from our living room:
breath taking.
I was just brimming with gratitude this evening and felt like writing it down. Never a bad thing to be grateful, now is it? I dare say not. :)


  1. 1st - your face isn't swollen anymore. yay. (I am sure this is old news...)
    2nd - why is it that I have never visited you at college? hm...interesting.
    3rd - nice view - so pretty!!