Thursday, May 27, 2010

Answered Prayer!!

Ok, I was just looking back at one of my older posts and saw that I said I couldn't find my memory card adapter, and to stay tuned for an answered prayer- well, stayed tuned paid off! Now you get a story! Good blog stalker you! ;)

SO I'd been praying that I could find my adapter, and I looked EVERYWHERE! I asked my roommates, looked all over my room, kitchen, living room- everywhere! That sucker was not to be found. So the morning before I left to go home, I was kind of half awake half asleep at like 6am, and I kind of saw myself finding the adapter underneath a some papers in my desk drawer. So I woke up and looked where I "saw" it and there it was!!!!!!!!!!!! It was crazy!!!!!!!! And a miracle! I'm so grateful for answered prayers!!

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