Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lazy May-z Day-z

In an attempt to post pone attacking my somewhat daunting homework load, I decided to blog about life instead of live it ;)

So mostly the reason I haven't been blogging is because I've been kickin it up with my new wardies! I LOVE MY WARD!!!!!!!!!! It is by far the funnest ward I've been in at BYU. I was a little nervous at first because everyone told us it was kind of an older ward, but everyone has been so welcoming and made us feel right at home!! There is seriously something going on pretty much every night! For example this week:
Monday- Ward FHE- auction to raise money for a charity for kids in Belize! ( I got a $1 backpack, a summer bucket-o-fun, a brand new $25 straightener, and a guy in our ward paid $80 to go on a date with our apartment!!! It was way more fun and got a lot more money than I thought they would!)
Tuesday- Personal Interview with Bishopric member, Institute, Ward softball game, Ward soccer game, P90X
Wednesday- Frisbee game on campus, ward kickball game, movie w/ a group from the ward
Thursday- ward temple trip, stamp party

Another reason our ward is so fun is we take our ward inturmurals very seriously!! We ALWAYS have at least 10 spectators at every game!! It's so fun to go and support/ be supported by ward members! It definitely builds unity!

So moral of that story= my ward is da bomb diggity!

On another note- I think I finally decided what I want to major in!! Drum roll anyone? ba dum dum dum dum- ENGLISH EDUCATION!!!! I've thought about it before, but now I'm getting serious about it and I'm REALLY excited!! I LOVE reading and i enjoy writing, and I want to help kids to learn to love reading and write better! I've had such amazing English teachers that have inspired me and I can only hope to be as good as them!! As I looked around at other majors, I think I realized that I really do want to teach, but teaching all day, every subject, everyday seems a little daunting to I wanted to narrow my focus so I can (hopefully) do a better job! So that's where my life seems to be heading at the moment...

Another reason I haven't blogged recently is becuase I got to go HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED being home!!!! I DID NOT want to come back, but alas, classes beckoned. And I've had fun since being back, so I guess it's ok....I should probably do a seperate blog about that...hmmm...we'll see about that one...ok. My creative juices are sucked dry. And my early morning swim is starting to get to me. a nap beckons. as does my homework. so.

peace n blessins!

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