Monday, May 10, 2010

Isn't it wonderful?

Life seems to have a way of working out. Those less intelligent members of the general population attribute it to luck, but! I happen to be more intelligent than those less intelligent members and know it's because my Heavenly Father is watching out for me!!! (they're not less intelligent by the way, just misinformed!)
Sometimes I feel kind of bipolar being bummed out by some problem and then realizing how good I've got it and how AMAZING life is! But ya know, I think that's just life for ya! Last week in church someone said "we're not human beings having a spiritual experience. We're spiritual beings having a human experience" Too true, church speaker, too true!
So I've had a couple bumps in my little life road trip the past couple days, hours, weeks, heck life! But really I hardly remember most of them and the ones I do remember just seem to work themselves out so swimmingly that I can't complain!
I'm just so grateful for the Lord's guiding influence!!! I for truth could NOT do it without His help!! And I'm super grateful for new friends which I'm making oodles of in my new ward which I LOVE!!!!!! I just love people and our ward does stuff all the time and I get to meet new people at like every activity it seems like, which is SO fun! All I can say is, this spring is lookin good! Let the good times rollllllllll!!!!!

Family Finance teacher quote enchanted today which made me think of one of my favorite quotes he said the other day:
"So the prodigal son went to his dad and in essence told him he wanted him dead because he wanted his money! Well that's just a little bit north of rude!"

I love that guy!

On a sad note- I can't find my memory card adapter!!!!!!!! Sadness! So I have no super recent pictures to share with the general public. alas. Hopefully stay tuned for an answered pray and more pictures or a dent in the financial pole(?) Figurative pole of course. OK, I'm going to go to bed now!
As Glozell would say...
Peace and blessins!


  1. One-the line "so true church speaker..." made me laugh a lot inside!
    Two--who is Glozell
    Three--I am blessed to have you as a sister!


    THAT is Glozell! So funny!!

    Aw shucks! YOu're too kind! I love you too!!!!!!!!