Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Don't Worry, Be Happy

I had a really weird dream last night. That's not necessarily abnormal. I have weird dreams all the time. About the most random things. And the most random people. Dream analysts would probably go bizzerko if they had a go at my brain. Which is why they never will. ANYWHO...last night I dreamed that I was just depressed and upset with everyone and bitter and I was pretending to sleep and I could overhear everyone talking about it, and it made me even more mad, but kind of trapped because I didn't know how to change myself! It was kind of stressful! And emotionally draining, I woke up tired, which is the worst! But this is one of my few dreams where I feel like I can actually learn something from it, unlike the other dreams I've had this week (one involved a formed roommate being pregnant and another involved a fireball tornado tearing through Provo.....) but I've decided being happy is a blessing you can give yourself! And in the words of Cusco in the Emperor's new groove:
"it's a birthday present to me! I'm so happy!"
of course his context was selfish. but hey, I'm taking artistic quoting license.
Moral of this post: I'm making up my mind to be happy.
not that I wasn't before.
but now I am for sure.
peace n blessins.

this picture makes me happy because
1. chelsea's face makes me laugh
2. we struggle sometimes, but it's really entertaining
3. it reminds me of many good times in front of our mirror
4. I just love pictures of any form!

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  1. You make me happy Kate! As does the new pink background. As does that fact that you love pictures in every form. As does your movie quotes.