Monday, March 1, 2010


So yesterday I got hit AGAIN by the cold bug. Last year I didn't get sick at all and now I've got sick twice within one month!! How does she do it? It's talent really...But last night as I was laying there trying to sleep without the function of my nostrils, I thought of things I could blog about. Of course now that I'm awake and coherent, I can't remember any of them. But I'm sure you would have enjoyed them. Alas. But I have a classical civilization paper I need to write, and usually I can sit down and spit out a fairly decent paper. Uh uh. Not with this sucker. I'm like prying it out of my brain and what I've gotten out, I don't even like. ugh. Oh well.

It's pretty nice outside and it makes me hopeful that spring is on its way!!! Hallelujah! I function oh so much better when it's warm! So spring please come soon!!!!!

p.s. I love brittany. not just because she told me to write that.

One of my favorite quotes from Princess and the Frog:
"it don't matter what you look like, aaand no body gonna sing wit Ray. OK"
- Ray

Pretty much my life. :)


  1. Sorry about the snuffy nose--that is very miserable! I hope it goes away soon. I always find mentholatum under my nose at night helps a bit.

  2. Oh don't worry! The mentholatum has a spot very close to my bed! But it can only do so much! I should invest in some nyquil really...