Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mm whatcha say?

So I'm about to sit down and spit out two papers, but before I do, I have to get my personal thoughts out on....blog...

1. So people always make fun of BYU students for obsessing about getting married, and I must say I am not immune to the thought of experiencing marital bliss. But I've been thinking about it and of course everyone wants to or thinks about it! I mean flip, it's everywhere!! Not only are there a bajillion married people walking around campus holding hands, giving kisses, playing with the kids...but it's like engrained in the BYU culture...you go to church and we're told about how to act when we're married while most of us aren't married, but it gets us thinking about marriage if they're telling us how to prepare for it or how to be a good spouse...so I'm just sayin...don't hate because I want to get married..not that you do, I now just have discovered a driving force!
(fun picture from Kaitlin's trip- on display at the MOA- see it's everywhere!!!)
2. Opinions are kind of funny things. Especially in our culture, people think they need to have an opinion about everything!! And then when someone has a different opinion, the other person seems to get offended. What difference does it make really? I've been thinking about this because living with 5 different people from different backgrounds etc. there are a lot of different opinions about the way things are done, the things that are eaten, etc etc. I happen to have rather bizzare food interests (subject for later blogging...) and my roommates seem to be appalled by them, when really, who cares what someone else puts in their mouth? You don't have to eat it, so save your opinions for something that actually matters because in Kate-ica you only get a few, so choose wisely ;)

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  1. Oh Kate! How I love you! I think you should get married and I don't hate you for wanting to. I might want you to more than you do because I love weddings so much and we need more of them in our family! (; I seem to get teased about what or how I eat as well. Especially when I was in college. Totally agree with your stance. Just so I know...how many opinions can I have? I would hate to break a Kate-ica law (;

  2. Well I'm glad you love me and that you want me to get married :) Since you're so nice, you can have lots of opinions! like 20! ;)