Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Several items of buisness:
1. I'm really liking this blogging thing, even though I'm pretty sure no one else reads it

2. Even though I'm not suffering from my usual attack of hair-disdain, I am conflicted about whether or not I should grow it out. So far I've made it since Thanksgiving without cutting it (except for my bangs) which I see as a major accomplishment. But someone complimented my hair on Sunday and it got me thinking- do I really want to put the time into growing my hair out? I mean, what's so wrong about having short hair? Not everyone can pull it off, and apparently I can (somewhat) so why not just accept that my hair is not meant to live a long life (ba dum ch) and keep it short and sassy the way I like it??? However, I did tell Kaitlin I would try and grow it out with her, and I'm curious about what I would look like with long hair...thus the continual debate in my head that no one in particular cares about.

Then.... Now.....
3. Winter needs to leave. I seriously think I am developing winter depression or something. Ok not really, but the more I see of it, the more decided I am that I just thoroughly dislike winter. Well it's not winter I guess- I'm sure I would love winter in Australia! I very strongly dislike cold. As my roommates and family will tell you, I am cold all the time all by my onsie and I don't need the weather contributing to my coldness. But there are so many reasons I just need it to be warm!! ANd it just started to get warm and them BAM! ok, more like FLURY! anyway- It snowed all day today. and I just want it to be warm and lay in the grass and run outside without burning my lungs! Is that too much to ask?!?

4. On a more positive note- I LOVE excercizing! It just makes my day go so much better, and it makes me feel better, and be nicer, and be more productive! It's just so great!! It's like magic!

5. I really enjoy spending hours in the library doing homework! Call me a nerd, but I just feel so productive and collegiate! If there was someway I could magically apparate home everyday after I was done spending hours there, I would probably do it everyday. So i guess it's a good thing there isn't or my roommates might feel neglected. But no need to worry, seeing as I have no hook up with Harry Potter, they've got nothing to worry about! Seeing as tonight alone since I've been home from class, I've stuffed my face with them, played Ligretto, and watched The Bucket List.

ok, well i'm done rambling. Time to hit some homework. Or the shower. Or my bed.

ending with the not so immortal words from the Bucket List

Thomas: I'm proud of you.
Edward Cole: Nobody cares what you think.

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  1. Kate! I care what you think and I am excited you have your own blog! I totatlly think you should keep your hair shortand sassy ! You look so cute with short hair! Now Clara wants to say something:mo4321`zzzzxxxxxxxxxddddddddssssssaaaqqqqq22222`` (she pushed those all by means " love Kate")