Monday, February 22, 2010


So this might be really vain, but when I'm sick, I want other people to be able to tell. Hear that pathetic sounding voice, listen to you sneeze incessantly, see the blood gushing or color leaving your know what I mean. I mean sure, you get dirty looks from people in public "Why are you out among the healthy living in your afflicted state?!?" BUT the alternative, suffering in solitude because no one can tell you don't feel good, isn't all that great either. I have a sore throat, and it's really not that bad, but I feel bad when I just sit there in silence because it hurts to say the next time someone doesn't talk to you, maybe it's because they have a sore throat and you should give them some soup instead of a scowl....I think I'm just bummed that I still have to go to school and function even when I don't feel good...and it's snowing.

"I have the black lung. **cough cough**"

See- even zoolander figured out that no one can actually tell how bad you feel as long as you can sound pathetic, people will feel sorry for you....theoretically....

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