Monday, February 20, 2012

Dont ya wish your major was cool like mine?

I have the best major.

We just play allllllllllllll day.

except when we don't.

But I really love the people in my cohort. A lot. We have a lot of fun for real. And I have been blessed with such great teachers. Except one. But that's cool. And we almost get to go back into the schools! Yehaw!!!


  1. I don't know. my major was pretty cool...and my minor - THAT is playing. Canoe class, horseback riding class, ropes course stuff.

    you have to do math more.


  2. I do have to agree with Elizabeth - except my MAJOR was pretty good at playing... painting, ceramics, graphic design, book making... ( I could go on). Looks like you are having fun. =) One day I'd like to go back and do that too!