Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just a terrific Tuesday!

I took a lot of pictures today and I thought- hey! I can blog these!! So I am! Wow.

So Dr. Ben Carson spoke at Devotional today and wow oh wow. SOO good!! so glad I went!!!!!!!!!! We've also been getting snow dumped on us, now that it's almost March...but it made the mountains look so beautiful!!

We also a RS activity called "Rock On!" where we colored rocks and played JustDance! It was soo fun!!! I LOVE Just Dance! SOO entertaining!

Ashley's brother gave her a 5 lb gummy bear for Christmas!! HUGE!!
My rock

Kelsey's rocks
I have a video of me and Kaitlin getting our groove on, but it won't load....maybe one day...

Enjoy! I hope your Tuesday was as great as mine!


  1. You are getting the hang of blogging now. haha. good work.

    you should put those rock's in random places around town. It might brighten some's day.

    I have seen those gummy bears before - but I want to know, is it good? If they are good I might want one. I wonder if they come in the "worm" variety...I prefer those. =)

  2. I actually didn't try it, but I do believe they have giant gummy worms too!

  3. i have never seen one of those gummy bears. WOW.