Sunday, January 1, 2012

The year is dying part dos

So my computer with all my pictures seems to have died, so for now I'm just going to finish this with just the written description, and who knows, maybe I'll go add pictures later. But for now, here's the rest of my year....

May- Quite the amazing Spring term with my peeps from the Spanish house. I got SOO bonded to those people and I'm pretty sure I've got life long friendships with most of them. I feel SO blessed to have made that decision. I'm not sure, but that might win for my highlight of 2011. We went to midnight showings of movies, did P90X, wrote songs, cooked, ate, rode bikes, watched movies, played frisbee, and spoke Spanish while doing it! hello dream come true! :)

June- Spring term ended and I packed up all my stuff then headed home for my asian birthday (aka 22nd birthday)

July- I took an emergency trip to Baltimore to be with Kristen and road trip down to South Carolina. Good sister bonding! I spent a couple weeks with Emily, Mike, Clara, and Paisley in Hershey, which was awesome. We went to Hershey park, and pretty much all things Hershey. I loved it! Then we (including Kristen) drove to Missouri for our family reunion. ALways a good time at the Erekson house. :)

August- Greg, Lisa, Mom, Dad, and Will got to go on a trip to Italy this summer and I got to stay home. hahaha. I babysat Julia, Rock, and Caroline for a couple of days, with some help from Lauren, and we all managed to survive! It was fun playing with them! I also got my wisdom teeth out which was not the most pleasant experience. Right before I went back to school, I was literally on my way to the airport, we had to go back to the doctor guy because it got infected. Blech. But alls well now. I got all moved into my new apartment and fell in LOVE with our view! Its awe inspiring! And I had a blast with my roommates! I love these girls!

September- School, school, and more school. I had pretty much all of my classes with the same group of people, and they became like a family. I love those people! We have a good time! Its fun to have a tight knit group to have classes together! I hung out a lot with my FLSR people a lot in September. We also had a few creative sleepovers in our apartment, such as sleeping out on our deck in a tent and on the lovesac :)

October- I went to the BYU homecoming parade but Chelsea came down during the game and we talked instead of watching the game. WAY more fun. I went to Cornbellies this year with Lily and Bryan from the Spanish house and Chelsea to do the corn maze and they had so many other fun things! I also went to my Great Uncle Alex's 100th birthday party! My council threw our ward Halloween party and we decided to have a dance. I was sick, so I didn't have that great of a time but I dressed up as "your mom!" :)

November- This was the big climax of the semester- we got to go INTO real schools and work with real kids! I loved it!!! It was so fun and I absolutely loved my class! My partner Daniel and I got to do a Spanish immersion program, so it was interesting, but so great! We finally started bonding with some people in our ward and went to some parties and such.

Clarissa reading her textbook and me reading mine :)

December- I finished up my semester and headed home for Christmas! This year was kind of an off year, and Greg's family and I were the only kids home this year, along with our family friend Sandy. But it was still a party! I miss my little nieces and nephews to pieces when I'm gone so it was fun to play with them! They're getting SO grown up!!! I got to go to our ward Christmas party, hang out with friends from High school, play with the fam, and sleep. It was lovely and went by far too fast!

Dear friends from the Frontenac ward

Well folks, that's a wrap. 2011 was a good year, but I'm planning on 2012 being extra-ordinary! I feel like there's a lot in store for me and I'm looking forward to go on living it! Life is oh, so good!
Happy New Year!!!

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