Sunday, January 1, 2012

The year is dying

I was just looking at some pictures from the last year, and I thought it would fun to do a little recap. I didn't think all that much happened in 2011, but looking back it was a pretty great year! So this is more for me than for anyone else, so if you find it amusing to read, read on dedicated blog stalker! :)

January- The year started off well with celebrations of my sister's wedding. Even though it was FREEZING, I was glad she got hitched :) Then school started again (and I decided I really did want to be an El Ed major) and the MTC stole away 2 of my best friends. Michael and Brittany. Rude. But I was introduced to some of my dearest bestest friends, Alice and Heidi, so I managed. Oh, and I got to finally room with my dear Carmen (aka Chelsea). So January was a success.

February- I went skiing for the first time in my life with Kaitlin and AnnaLeah. It was a grand time, and now I've done it and I may not ever do it again. And judging from my collection of pictures from that month, the only time I left my apartment was to go to class and my skiing trip. Really, its just a testament to how fun my roommates were. Seriously. Alice starting coming out of her shell and boy did we have a good time! Oh! And at a Relief society activity Heidi Harris, Lisa McGhie and I decided to start working out together in the mornings. Like, legit morning. Like 6 AM morning. I mostly hated every day. But I loved being with those girls, so I went. hahahaah, but we didn't take many pictures for many reasons.

(Heidi and I-not at 6AM but you get the idea)

March- I finally saw one of the best movies ever in creation-Tangled. I bless the day it came into my life! :) I also went to 5 minutes of my first BYU rugby game, and we won sooo I'm pretty much their good luck charm. Chelsea, Alice, and I continued to be crazy and cook deliciousness like chocolate chip cookie covered oreos. Talk about diabetes in a cookie. YUM! :) I also starting hanging out with a girl from a lot of my classes, Mariah. We had some good laughs together! Crazy fun girl!(at the rugby game)

April- Alice's friend from Florida, Jamie, drove down from BYU-I to come visit us for a few days! We went and hiked at Bridal Veil Falls and hiked the Y. It was fun to have her with us and go on some excursions out of our apartment! Then the end of the semester was upon us and we had to part ways. It was quite sad to leave my dear Chelsea and Alice and Sarah left for her mission to Peru so I was SUPER jealous!! Little did I know what awaited me at the Spanish house....(Girls from the best math class evah!)

Continue reading in part 2. This is getting too long...

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