Tuesday, September 4, 2012

When life gets tough, cry?

So today was just one of those days that should be recorded. I just had one student who couldn't handle anything we were doing. Every day is a battle to keep them in their seat and quiet. If he's actually doing what he's supposed to, extra 500 points. But he might be one of my favorites. He just needs a lot of one on one attention that I can't give him.
Anyways. Today. We started off the day with a spelling pretest.  I wrote the correct spelling on the board and he kept yelling out that he couldn't look at the board. I asked why not and he said "because my dad said I can't or I'll be grounded for the rest of my life!" Start the whining and crying. Luckily my facilitator was there and she took him out in the hall and gave him the test one on one. Then before lunch he accidentally hit a girl in the face so I asked if he would say sorry. He told me he already did. I said she didn't hear you so could you just apologize again please?
 "I don't ever say sorry two times!"
"Ok, well you need to say sorry before we go to lunch"
*cries and lays on a desk*
To avoid the whole class waiting for lunch I decided to leave. At the cafeteria...
"You need to say sorry before you come in"
"WHAT?? Now I don't get lunch!??" Sinks to the floor crying.
"No, just say sorry! It takes two seconds!"
"I already did!!!"
"Ok. Say it again!"
I finally got him to say sorry and then he was happy as a clam.


After lunch, he threw a fit because another boy threw the frisbee "jackpot dead" instead of "jackpot alive" so he refused to come inside.The principal was standing there watching and she told me to just leave him outside. So I did. He came in eventually.


During math he asks if he got any sad faces (bad behavior) on his chart today and I said Oh yeah. He proceeded to cry. For an hour.

That boy. He may be the end of me.

When he's good, he's great. When he's bad, he's horrid.

Welcome to my life.

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