Saturday, April 10, 2010

Negligent Blogger

Dear avid followers of my blog (the millions that I'm sure there are....),
I greatly apologize for my negligent behavior the past few days, but I'm afraid my fervor for blogging has not yet overcome my desire to pass in college. So alas, the details of my everyday oh so interesting and engaging college life have failed to been posted for the internet world to consume of late. But never fear, I soon will be done with my finals and I shall resume enlightening the world with my goings on. Until then...I have to write 3 papers, finish a book, finish the readings for 1 1/2 classes, take 5 finals, clean my apartment, pack, and move. So until then, I bid thee adieu and hope you have less to do than I. And if you are interested in more to do, give a call- I can help you out!

"What is a place like me doing in a girl like this?"
-The Mummy
don't worry, I've still found time for movies miraculously! Chelsea made me and Emily watch the Mummy last night! And playing with my adorable roommates!

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