Monday, August 16, 2010

Just thinking...

I was just looking at this picture of my roommates today:

and it made me smile and miss them. This is a pretty good summary of our apartment
Brittany: doing something stupid, yet entertaining
Kaitlin: Being nice and helping her
Chelsea: Documenting with her phone and laughing the whole time
Kate: Documenting with my camera, telling B she is doing something stupid and then telling her to get down so I can have a turn!

I loved living with these three girls this summer! They definitely helped me maintain my sanity! Well, it could be argued that they simultaneously contributed to my insanity, but we won't go into that.

Even though I love these girls to death, I have LOVED being home!!!!! It is so nice to have nothing to do and no where to be!!! I can do whatever I want! And I love it!!! I'm reading the book Ender's Game, for fun! No homework on it or anything!! (it's really good, by the way. you should read it!) This is probably the only time in my entire life this is going to happen, so I am going to soak it up gosh dang it! Let the summer rollllll


  1. That is a funny summary of your apartment! You are funny! I wish I could have been your college roommie--but a sister is better! (:

  2. I read Ender's Game last week! I love that book so much!

  3. no way?! What are the odds? I really liked it too! I don't know why I'd never read it before...